Comment by Sharon_Britten

Good Moring Aaron,

I just recently had a family tragedy.  We lost 5 of my Cousin Lloyd Tatman’s children in a devastating fire that burned his house to the ground killing Manny 25, Elizabeth (Lizzie) 21, Danica 14, Zophia 12 and Aniela (Bugga) 9.  The girls used to love singing “Something to Remind You.”  Since we are having a Celebration of Life the last week of August. I was wondering if it would be possible to prerecord a dedication song to them for us to play at the Celebration. It would absolutely mean the world to Lloyd, his wife Jennifer (Jene), son Raymond and their 4 month old granddaughter Katylyna (Lizzies child) who all survived the fire. We really don’t have the money to put towards putting it on a video DVD since they didn’t have an insurance on the house. We have all pulled together as a family to help as much as we can financially.  All I’m asking for is a dedicated pre recorded video DVD to be able to play at the Celebration of Life.  I’m hoping you can find it in your heart to do this one thing for the family that they will forever be able to keep.