Timeline Post by gregwilliamj

Im glad I get a chance to share my thoughts in hopes it reaches Aaron but at least someone deserves to hear this.

THANK YOU!!!! Before Arron Lewis I just heard music but now I listen to music and of course especially his. All of his albums are amazing but “Sinner” and “State Im In” spoke to me. Those albums i listen to from beginning got end and listen to the story and felt as thought I was living it. Northern Redneck was played when my newborn daughter was crying to calm her down and now shes about to turn 3 and she knows every word. I cant express how much your music has done for me and my family. It brings us together when we play it and its play ALOT. I’ve moved a lot the past few years for work and kept missing my chance to see him live until recently when living in Illinois he booked a show in St. Louis. My dream came true, finally and i got 2 front row, dead center tickets and then was laid off do to Covid and was forced to not only move to Virginia for work but also was forced to sell my tickets. Everything happens for a reason and I know my day will come but now someone else gets to enjoy those tickets.

AFL I just want to say from the bottom of my heart that your music has changed how I listen to music, it has changed some beliefs and strengthened others, and has saved me in some low and desperate times. Most importantly it has created a bond within my family that is priceless.

So once again thank you.

Greg Johnson