Timeline Post by mmkoolmees


TX for being the voice of the people for all thats fucked up i this world.

I’am a dutch fan and follow the situation in the USA every day. It’s sad to see that a great country like the USA is under attack by people that forgot (or don’t have a clue) how the western world was built and why we all could live have lived like this. I’am talking in the past time because i believe those days are gone. I hope that we as western world could find a way to get out of this mess where in. I just wanna say that I appreciate your new song and i wish all Americans all lot of strength and love from my side for the coming times. Your country is still a dream and I hope it will remain strong in its believes. You have my support. We europeans own you are freedom, and even in europe i got the feeling that they forgetting that. I’m sorry for that. You liberated us in WO2 and gave my family a change to live in freedom. I hope that will never change but times are changing. I wanne thank all Americans and all that got a family member who fought for our freedom. You all deserve a whole lot beter than what’s happening now.

This is just a thank you from my side and a sorry for all the bullshit that the EU is talking. I have a very different view and i know allot of europeans feel the same. Your not alone.

I’am looking forward to your next release. Great song and tx again for being the voice off the people who fought for freedom.

With kind regards,

M.M. Koolmees