Timeline Post by NinnyNat

I keep looking at your tour dates , I still don’t see Wendover, NV – I am worried your not ever coming back because of at the asshole that yelled “Sugar Daddy” while you were singing Zoe Jane last November. What a piece of trash that guy was. I live in Utah. The Reno show is sold out and so is Washington State show. I could take a 1500 mile road trip or fly to another show but work and kids makes that hard. I’ve seen you every time you have come to Wendover, NV & many times with Staind going back to 2001. Your voice has been the soundtrack to my life, starting about 18 years ago when my 1st born was about 3 years old. Staind was turned up on repeat as I did yardwork and watched my son played outside. I would turn it on and up, and hold him and we would dance like crazies, having fun and laughing. This went on for years , through every new album. When he got his driver’s license we would drive around just to sing along, to “Massachusetts” and the other songs on Town Line. He will be 21 years old in September and has been waiting for the last 5 years to come with me and my husband to see you in Wendover. We were pretty excited that this was coming up soon, and have been checking, waiting for that show to be added. So please if possible, come back to Wendover. If not possible this year, next? Your voice and the emotion you reveal is unbelievable and stunning. Thank you for sharing it 🙂

– Stephanie Warner