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Timeline Post by tim

July 9, 2021

Our once Free and great Nation is in her darkest moment…being taken over from within…all by lifetime pigs in power ruling over us…many all of their adult lives…many for 20’s, 30’s and even 50 years. Long gone are Servants of we the people…we have lifetime rulers….ruling over a land once free…I hang my head in […]

Comment by linda_m9

July 8, 2021

Love this so much ,sometimes iget teary eyed so so right with and fitting with everything that is happening in the world today

Timeline Post by V8sinneD

July 7, 2021

Amazing, followed you for years, saw you in Tacoma live, super fan then…now your country gig!! Outstanding, and I am not much of a country fan, but your style makes it all so good!!! Thank you from our entire family for I am the only one…Your talents seem to have no bounds!!!

Timeline Post by ser55

July 5, 2021

Thanks for Am I The Only One”…no you are not the only one, and I appreciate you putting what many of us have been thinking into words for the whole country to hear. God bless you man!

Timeline Post by wescanyon

July 5, 2021

Aaron, Fantastic job with “Am i the only one” Here is one for you I wrote. “45”

Comment by jdcore

July 5, 2021

Great song, I hope and pray people start standing and fighting back. If not this country is lost. 

Comment by Bryan_Elbell

July 3, 2021

Loved the song and the message brother. Sorry I don’t tweet, poke, Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook to relay this message, but I don’t waste time with that social garbage. I’m too busy working to support my family and watching my money disappear to house immigrants, support liberals and their agendas and pay the salaries of […]