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Comment by Rick_Mac

April 4, 2021

Crap I missed last nights show I paid for all 3 and forgot, sucks remembering shit at 53 years old man

Timeline Post by reichertunf

March 11, 2021

Brother, been watching and following your career since 2001. As a veteran of 23 years and 12 deployments to armpits of the world, you have really helped my unit through some really tough times.  So, thank you and I hope this COVID shit settles down and my unit can come to see you in concert.  […]

Timeline Post by mashe-sc

March 8, 2021

New song @aaronlewismusic played at St. Augustine show Friday 3/5 is a must have. When can we get it? 

Timeline Post by Jean_Pollock

February 8, 2021

PS We all think we are already know you … we have a bunch of musicians in the family…very amateur but amazing talent (says me, the mother) and “MASSACHUSETTS” & “Granddaddy’s Gun” are songs that we sing at every gathering… it would be a blast!  

Timeline Post by Jean_Pollock

February 7, 2021

Hello!  We are an (enormous) family in south Berkshire County.  Our youngest (of 10 kids), blessed with Down syndrome, is turning 21 this coming Friday and we finally found a venue…he would be OVER THE MOON if you and your family could join us!  RSVP 423-854-4372

Timeline Post by hidec99

January 11, 2021

I’m trying to get some tour date clarification.  I currently have tickets to the March 12, 2021 show at the Golden Nugget Lake Charles that is a rescheduled show from August 2020.  Several calendars are now also showing Aaron Lewis at Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth on March 12, 2021.  Can someone within his staff/management […]

Timeline Post by james_wade76

December 27, 2020

I don’t want to post shit, I just wanted send him an email & if he responds, then he responds.  If not, it doesn’t change shit in my life?