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Comment by hermosnb

May 25, 2022

did the show for 6/17/22 in SLO get rescheduled or canceled. I bought tickets

Timeline Post by tomram1

May 24, 2022

HI Aaron, I just finished going though a year and half of Hell going though a divorce. I just met someone very special and are finding out how much we have in common and one of them is your music. She always love your music from Staind (as much as I do) and I turned […]

Timeline Post by jenniferstowecorbett76

May 22, 2022

My boyfriend and I just saw Aaron’s show last night at the Vine at Del Lago Casino. The show was AMAZING. We were completely blown away with the show. Was hoping that Aaron would have played “Someone” since that is our song but I understand that Aaron plays whatever he wants to. Is there any […]

Timeline Post by harryvmoore

May 12, 2022

“Again” seems to be the soundtrack to my broken life. Lost my beautiful son to the fentanyl assault in 2017. Can’t stop listening to this ode to sorrow. The tears keep rolling down…