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Timeline Post by Ricky_George

February 24, 2022

I don’t know if this gets to you Aaron but I was on Facebook early this morning with you on what’s. If that was really you I’m am so sorry if. Not you have scammers using your identity .if someone needs me feel free to message me.

Timeline Post by MiWolfPaw

February 22, 2022

Hi, just have a quick question.. I see on the back of my Frayed at Both Ends concert shirt that there is a show in Armada Michigan?(11 up from bottom, all the way to the right side on back of shirt) But I’m not seeing in the tour list on here..

Timeline Post by happypanda

February 17, 2022

Ticket master is screwing us out of our tickers so we will not be attending the show tonight. We are very disappointed 

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February 9, 2022

Two days ago we lost our beloved Amanda to suicide.   Tonight we are seeing Aaron Lewis in person in Columbia Tennessean.  Amanda was soulful and enjoyed Aaron’s music especially Something to Remind you.   If possible our family would enjoy a version of that song dedicated to our beloved Amanda. God bless all. 

Timeline Post by Demian_Haas

February 6, 2022

Hi Aaron! We meet in the Detroit Airport, a few years ago.(The Smoking Den,lol). As a reminder, I said that I wanted, Something to Remind You, to be played at my funeral, whenever God choses that day. Just wanted to say that your a real Patriot! We think you are a True and Authentic Version […]